Megan R Hopp

FNP-C -----> Health Consultant and Wellness Coach specializing in personalized functional and lifestyle medicine!

A virtual health consultant empowering people to take charge of their own health!

work with people wanting to feel their very best and motivated to do what it takes to get there. If you feel something is not quite right, but no one believes that something is wrong (or in my case, just keeps telling you that your symptoms are just depression) this is the place for you!


Meet Megan! 

Megan is a virtual health consultant and functional medicine wellness coach.

I have worked in health care for over two decades now and have watched people desperately wanting to improve their health and make choices that lead to health and vitality long term, but not knowing where to start.

This company was created to empower YOU to live the healthiest life you can in the simplest way possible. I am passionate about teaching people to OWN their health journey and love to walk alongside them while they discover how truly WELL they can feel! I am so glad that you are here!


It All Started When ...

Even though I have been a nurse practitioner for over a decade, I have spent lots of time sitting in the other chair. Experiencing health care as a patient led me to wanting to empower myself (and now YOU) to make daily decisions that lead to HEALTH and not illness.  

I also had experiences as a mother to warrant a deeper dive into the daily habits that lead to health. When my son was diagnosed with a somewhat obscure inflammatory condition I was not okay with the answers we were given. No one spoke to us at all about things we could do to reduce our overall inflammatory burdens in our home and therefore our bodies. 

But Then Everything Changed...

I learned the power of functional/lifestyle medicine! There is a way to HEAL your body and reduce or eliminate your symptoms. I changed the products I bring into my home. I made different choices about the personal hygiene products I used. I drastically changed the way I eat and feed my family. 

This is a journey that took many years for me. I want to help lead you on your own wellness journey and prevent you from making the mistakes that I did. I want your journey to be successful so that you will feel your best as quickly as possible.  

I love waking up refreshed and ready to tackle the day. I love knowing what tools to use when I am overwhelmed or stressed out to prevent me from lashing out at loved ones. I love eating foods that truly provide the nutrients that my body needs every day! 

It was a major turning point in my child's outcome when we implemented changes in his nutrition, personal hygiene products and the products we use in our home. 


 Now I'm able To help others heal themselves...

I love the fact that my long healing journey is now able to help others!

I am able to share my story and help others living similar journeys. I feel truly healthy on the inside and I am excited to walk along with others on their path to feel this way as well!

It takes work. There is not a magic wand. It IS possible though and I would be honored to be with you every step of the way!

I LOVE yoga!

I started doing yoga in college with a girl from my dance team. I fell in love and will try a yoga studio anywhere (even virtually in my own home if needed). 

Dogs are my kind of people!

I love having a dog to just snuggle up with and let them melt away stress. They get me outside walking even in the cold winters and are always so happy to see me!


TWO kiddos

I am obsessed with my two adorable kiddos and love being able to be present with them and explore the world through their eyes!


Brewers baseball games are my favorite kind of date

When I first met my now husband he had season tickets, so it seemed like a great idea to keep him around for a while ;) 

I have been to Africa, but not Europe

(Minus airports!)II was fortunate enough to go on a medical mission trip to Kenya in 2012 and it was an INCREDIBLE life changing experience. You don’t need much to be healthy, just the mindset that you can be! 

Ready To get rid of your brain fog, fatigue, bloating or other symptoms and HEAL yourself??


Let's start healing!