Helping YOU identify what is preventing you from living a healthy life and then walking WITH YOU while you heal yourself using functional and lifestyle medicine.


Who I help...

Women and men who know they COULD feel better and WANT TO!

If you know that your body is not performing at its optimal level, but you aren’t getting any answers about what is going on, this is the place to be! If you know that something is off, but are being told “your labs are normal”, this is the place to be! Trust your own body and learn how to feel better using functional medicine testing and lifestyle changes! 

I know that feeling well myself! There is hope out there. You don't have to spend the rest of your life only eating a few safe foods and worrying about abdominal pain and bloating if you eat anything else.

What if it did not have to be that way?? What if you could eat at a dinner party or celebration without any fear?? 

This IS possible and I can help you!

   Is this you?

  • Doing everything “correct” and not losing weight?
  • Constantly living in a state of brain fog and never able to think clearly or remember what you came into this room for?
  • Always exhausted no matter how much sleep you get? Unable to participate in things you want to because you don’t have the energy?
  • Afraid to eat anywhere but your home due to concerns of abdominal pain, gas or bloating?
  • Finally had the courage to make the doctor appointment and tell them your concerns, only to be blown off or told “your labs are normal” so nothing is wrong?

Then You’re In Luck!

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I specialize in figuring out what is happening to YOU! Then helping you heal your body from the inside out.

When you work 1:1 with me I will listen to ALL of your symptoms and concerns so that we can identify what is causing your issues. Then we set up a personalized plan/protocol to eliminate those symptoms and get you feeling energized and healthy. 

This in depth conversation will be unlikely anything you have experienced in health care prior to this. The conversation is ongoing and adjust to you personally as we work on your health and wellness journey together.  

Yes! I want to feel better!


Find out how good your body can feel with optimized GUT HEALTH! This is a self paced 12 week program with limited coaching from Megan, while still getting BIG results.


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Hi! I'm Megan...

I have worked in health care for over two decades now and have watched people desperately wanting to improve their health and make choices that lead to health and vitality long term, but not knowing where to start. Unfortunately a 15 minute, or maybe even 30 minute, appointment isn’t conducive to that kind of healing. 

This company was created to empower YOU to live the healthiest life you can in the simplest way possible. I am passionate about teaching people to OWN their health journey! I love to walk alongside them while they discover how truly WELL they can feel! I am so glad that you are here! 



I knew after speaking with her that she would be the support I was looking for!

I knew I was going to need help establishing healthy routines as I was taking an advancement in my career that would require additional travel. I was afraid my physical and mental health would regress.

A friend recommended Megan. I knew after speaking with her that she would be the support I was looking for! I knew diet and exercise were a priority to me and we tackled those first. Megan had thoughts about how to make each of them as easy for me as possible. After I had those down, Megan thought I could implement some additional routines into my day. Primarily in my morning routine. It took me a little longer to buy in, but I am so thankful that I did! 

Not only did I establish the routines I knew I was needing, I learned so much about routines that I didn't even realize could positively affect my day so much! Megan is a great motivator and supporter. I had a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend!


I learned more about my health in the first 49 minutes of speaking with Megan than ever before!


It finally explained the reason for my symptoms and struggles with my health!

The tests Megan did made so much sense and were laid out in a way I could actually understand. It finally explained the reason for my symptoms and struggles with my health. She explained everything clearly and put together a protocol based on my actual symptoms and not a one size fits all program.

I am so excited finally have answers and someone who is knowledgeable to help guide me to healing! 

"No one else is ever going to make more of an impact in your health and wellness journey than YOU!”  

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